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I design things.


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David Staffell  

I design things.


Some photos and stills from some of the the games I have made.

The Bewilder Box Initiative and Judgement D.A.V.E. @ Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton
Retro sci-fi themed Escape Rooms, available to the public in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

  • One of the first Escape Rooms to open in the United Kingdom.
  • Funded successfully through Kickstarter.
  • Pioneering in-game clue-system.
  • Consistently ranked as one of the best Escape Rooms in the UK: 99% 5-star reviews (more than 2500 across Google and TripAdvisor).
  • Featured in the Guardian, Metro and Independant newspapers.
  • Played by Mark Strong, Jonathon Ross, PewDiePie

The Lost Rock of Wisdom
Greek Themed Escape Room, created for The Business Creative.

  • Rolled out across 10 different sites in 10 different countries
  • Hostless, self-resetting game
  • Flat-pack design for easy transport.
  • Integrated computer system to deliver clues and direct game-flow.

The B.R.U.C.E. Project
Online multiplayer ‘point ‘n’ click’ puzzle game.

  • One of the first ‘online Escape Rooms’ to be released during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.
  • First of its kind fully synchronised browser-based multiplayer puzzle game. 
  • Conceptualised, designed and built in just one month by a team of only 3 people.
  • Sold by a network of over 55 companies.
  • Escape The Roomers ‘Bullseye Award’ winner 

B.R.U.C.E. Saves Christmas
Online multiplayer ‘point ‘n’ click’ puzzle game.

  • First of its kind multiplayer ‘point n click’ style game.
  • Sold by a network of over 55 companies.
  • Escape The Roomers ‘Bullseye Award’ winner 

Dr Van Hollywood’s Marvelous Movie Maze
Online multiplayer puzzle/skill game

  • Multiplayer skill & puzzle hybrid game.
  • Sold by a network of over 55 companies.
  • Escape The Roomers ‘Bullseye Award’ winner.

Online puzzle adventure promo-game to celebrate the re-launch of Black Sabbath’s Sabotage album

  • Commissioned by Song BMG.
  • Innovative promotional tool.
  • 10 minute browser-based.
  • Featured by The Rolling Stone magazine.

Box of Bewilderment
Portable ‘Escape Eoom in a briefcase’

  • Compact and lightweight; easy to transport and store.
  • Easily replicable & replaceable.
  • No theoretical limit to the number of concurrent players.
  • Physical/digital hybrid puzzle game.

Push The Button
A self resetting, portable puzzle game with exciting arcade-style point scoring.

  • Hostless.
  • Pioneering ‘clue-drip’ point-scoring system.
  • ‘Ghost-car’ ability; save data and ‘race’ other teams.
  • Fully portable; packs down into two transportable flight cases.

The E.S.C.
Outdoor app-driven game.

  • Bespoke game created for escape.game - the UK’s largest Escape Room franchise. 
  • Outdoor game, with the abilty to customise and play indoor if necessary.
  • GPS-guided mobile app companion.
  • Physical puzzles in a briefcase collected and dropped off at partner locations.
  • Posters puzzles to be solved across different outdoor locations.

Pizza Face
Flyer/pizza box integrated puzzle game.

  • Innovative puzzle solving using a combination of online-menu, printed flyer and pizza box to solve puzzles.
  • Promo ‘Escape Room’ pizzas created.
  • Game suprise-delivered with every order.

Flight 338
Escape Room built into a decomissioned plane.

  • UK’s first ‘Escape Room on a plane.
  • Puzzles utilise plane’s interior physical and systems and 
  • Truly immersive experience; become the ‘convict’, escape the plane.

Personal game projects

Word strategy game.

  • Fully functioning as a 2+ player board game.
  • In development as a 2 player mobile game (MVP ~75% complete).

Treasure Rove 
Board game.

  • A card-based board game.
  • Co-operative and competitive gameplay.

Point One Six
2 player abstract strategy game.

  • In development as a board game.
  • In development as a mobile game.